Dalmatian Coast

Escape to a world of intimate luxury aboard Dolce Vita, a 34-meter masterpiece uniquely crafted for Blue Cruises along the breathtaking Dalmatian Coast. This rare three-masted schooner promises an adventure etched in romance and history, perfect for memorable gatherings of up to 10 guests.

Indulge in Tranquility and Adventure, Tailored to You: Step into a haven of spacious comfort, with five plush cabins and a serene saloon leading to your private haven of the Aegean. Savor al fresco meals on the expansive deck, then lose yourself in the whisper of the wind as you navigate hidden coves with Dolca Vita‘s graceful sails.

Your Dreams, Your Dalmatian Odyssey: Choose your own adventure in paradise. Kayak alongside dolphins, explore medieval port towns, or snorkel vibrant coral reefs teeming with life. Dolce Vita, your private playground, caters to every whim, from exhilarating water sports to romantic sunset cruises under the starlit sky.

Unwind in Exquisite Bliss: Sink into the on-board Jacuzzi, a blissful sanctuary perched at the ship’s bow. Let the sun kiss your skin on the spacious decks, or lose yourself in a movie under the stars in the cozy saloon. Dolce Vita beckons you to embrace every moment of pure indulgence.

Live the Dalmatian Dream Aboard Dolce Vita. Book your exclusive escape today and set sail on a journey you’ll never forget.


Length34 meters (approximately 111.55 feet)
Beam7.40 meters (approximately 24.28 feet)
Cabins5 ( 2 Master, 2 double, 1 twin bed cabins)
Crew5 ( Captain, Chef, 2 Deckhands, 1 Sailor )
Air-conditioning12-18 hours
Charter LocationsDalmatian Coast
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The content provided on this website is not legally binding. The technical details provided, including information about Gulet yachts, chartering services, and related particulars, are sourced from the respective owners and overseen by Harbor Masters. These details are presented in utmost good faith. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of display, it is not guaranteed. Arcadia Yachting disclaims any responsibility for legal liabilities or obligations concerning the accuracy of the information. Please note that precise pricing and other particulars will be verified through the specific charter contract.


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We have provided the following information to ensure your Private Gulet Charter surpasses expectations and addresses any queries you may have. Here, you will find answers to questions about items to bring on board, seasonal temperatures, weather conditions, and other crucial details.

Chartering a private Gulet offers the exclusive company of your friends or family, eliminating the presence of strangers as in cabin charters. You dictate the itinerary and food preferences, with the crew dedicated solely to fulfilling your desires and interests. Additionally, private charter Gulets specialize in hosting esteemed guests and celebrities, boasting a discreet and confidential crew who prioritize your privacy.

Reservations for the Blue Cruise are open year-round, with peak seasons experiencing high demand. To secure your preferred Gulet, we recommend early booking. Begin by determining the number of passengers and desired travel dates for your Private Gulet Cruise before seeking our assistance. We are committed to aiding you in planning the remainder of your journey.

The following Aegean and Mediterranean Sea ports are conveniently situated near international airports. The distances to these airports are as follows:

Bodrum - Bodrum  Airport (30 minutes)
Göcek - Dalaman Airport  (20 minutes)
Fethiye - Dalaman Airport (45 minutes)
Marmaris - Dalaman Airport (1.5 hours)
Antalya - Antalya Airport (30 minutes)

Given prior discussion and planning, you have the option to commence your Private Gulet Charter from one of the Greek Islands situated near the Turkish coast. Potential choices include the islands of Rhodes or Kos.

Rhodes - Rhodes Airport (20 minutes)

Kos - Kos Airport  (20 minutes

You have the option to commence your Private Gulet Charter from Greek Islands near the Turkish shores, such as Rhodes or Kos. Moreover, fast ferries (hydrofoils) offer a swift 45-minute cruise from Rhodes to Marmaris, and similar ferry services connect Kos to Bodrum, making the journey seamless and efficient.

In most cases, your quotation includes convenient airport transfers, unless otherwise agreed upon. Our personnel will greet you at the airport and ensure comfortable air-conditioned transportation to the port. Likewise, at the conclusion of your Private Yacht Charter Holiday, we'll arrange your return to the airport.

Children up to 13 years old can generally manage independently. Although Gulets are often child-friendly, please note that the crew's primary responsibilities prevent them from providing childcare. Children under 13 must be supervised by adults, and a nanny might be suitable in specific cases.

"Travel Light" is the motto for your private gulet cruise. Pack essentials like swimwear, loose cotton clothing, shorts, jeans, trekking shoes, and rubber-soled shoes for onboard use. Don't forget cameras, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and your favorite music on an iPod. Consider motion sickness remedies like Dramamine, and consult your doctor regarding alternatives like ginger root.

All Gulets are equipped with generators, allowing you to charge mobile phones and camera batteries in your cabins. Your Captain will provide guidance upon embarkation.

While the Gulet is insured by the owner during your charter, it's advisable to have suitable personal insurance in your home country for unforeseen circumstances.

Most privately chartered Gulets offer state-of-the-art communication equipment, including cellular phones, global satellite communications, radio telephones, and Wi-Fi.

Smoking inside Gulets is generally prohibited due to fire and furnishings' safety. Smoking is permitted on outside decks, and regulations are similar to those on land.

Gulets in our portfolio undergo annual inspections by harbor masters. Life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguishers, and technical equipment are regularly checked. Handrails encircle the upper deck, and a dinghy with an outboard engine is prepared for emergencies.

We can facilitate additional excursions and combined land trips, connecting you with the right contacts or arranging them on your behalf. Destinations like Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia, and more are available.

Shark attacks have never been reported in Turkish waters. Swimming is safe, and you might even encounter friendly dolphins.

Arrange daily/weekly diving tours and certification courses through us, including CMAS and PADI certificates.

Upon arriving at the nearest airport, our team will meet you and guide you to your yacht. The level of formality with the crew is at your discretion, considering the need for cooperation with your captain.

Your captain will receive an information sheet detailing your party's names, ages, flight details, and any dietary preferences before your embarkation, ensuring a smooth start to your cruise.

Inform us of dietary requirements before your arrival. We can arrange special onboard events or surprises for your guests. Advance notice is appreciated for food and beverage preferences.

Expect hot, sunny days in mid-May and June, very hot conditions with brisk winds in July, August, and early September, and warm days with cooler evenings in late September and October. May to October is generally a favorable period for a Blue Cruise.

Turkish cuisine is renowned for its variety. Your onboard menu includes fresh seafood, meats, local herbs, vegetables, salads, fruits, and delectable pastries.

Our Gulets offer an array of sea sports, including water skiing, wind surfing, canoeing, ringo riding, banana riding, snorkeling, fishing, and even jet skiing on select vessels.

Feel free to bring your own alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on board.

We're here to arrange any extras you desire to enhance your Private Gulet Holidays. From car rentals to accommodations at hotels, we're ready to assist. Inform us of your preferences when booking your yacht.